Meet the 2022 Top Fundraiser - Kelsea Schwab of Fight Like Jules & B!


Kelsea Schwab shares her story about what has motivated her to become a champion for the Ronald McDonald House.


Why do we fundraise?


When I decided I wanted to run a fundraising campaign, I decided to rally my forces. Instead of doing a solo campaign I thought it would be fun to join another family in the house and make a team for our two little liver warriors. I reached out to her and told her what I was thinking and since our girls love each other, and we have been there to support one another through our journeys, we decided we'd make a group effort.


How have I been successful?


I've worked in marketing for my entire adult life and the first thing I did was set small reachable goals. As we surpassed them, I continued to increase my goal. Having a smaller goal makes the final goal easier to obtain from a donating standpoint.

I used the power of social media and shared the fundraiser daily until I reached my first initial goal of $500. I asked family and friends in a text message to share the same fundraiser to keep it circulating. I only have 200 friends on Facebook so what our team was able to raise has been the power of other people sharing. 

When the daily challenges came out the week of the walk, that’s when I really engaged my following, friends and family. I made it a competition between the people that have been following Baelyn’s Journey and I asked them to help us reach our goals. I tried my best to keep people engaged saying things like “Oh we are in second place, can we catch up?” to make it fun and exhilarating for everyone donating.

Little did I know we would end up raising over $5,000 but I was so enthused when we reached our “big goal”. The sharing of my fundraiser hasn’t stopped, and we continue to get donations trickling in. I’m so proud that Rena and I have been able to pull together and surpass our team goal and I hope that our donations only continue to rise.