Q. Is there a cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate in the RMH Family Walk, although we hope participants will fundraise on our behalf. There is a small entrance fee for the races, which covers medals, timing equipment, etc.

Q. How much did individual fundraisers raise last year for RMH families?

Our wonderful RMH Family Walk participants raised over $32,000 for the thousands of families we serve each year. Due to these incredible efforts, we are able to provide overnight lodging, family programming and even schooling for the families we serve.

Q. Is it hard being a Team Captain?

Serving as a team captain requires a little work, but nothing too taxing. Ronald McDonald House is ready and able to support your efforts to make it as easy as possible. You will find it extremely rewarding to recruit, motivate and organize your friends, family and co-workers for a day of fun.

Q. How do I register as a Team?

Simply choose a team name, set a goal and then choose the “Create a Team” option when you register. You will then invite potential teammates to select the “Join a Team” option, after which they will select the team name you set up from a drop down menu. So be sure to tell your potential teammates the team name you chose. Potential team members can also search for your team when they start registering.

Q. What happens after I register my fundraising page?

Immediately following the creation of your team or individual page, a Personal Fundraising Page will be automatically created for you. This page can be customized to tell your story and connection to Ronald McDonald House, and can be shared with your network to make your fundraising personal and easy.

Q: Do kids need to register for the Family Walk?

Yes. Please register every person, regardless of age, to your team. We want to make sure we have an accurate head count.

Q: Can we wear our own t-shirts?

Absolutely. Show unity with your team and dress in the same shirts or anything else fun and unique. Looking for a t-shirt printer? Check out Realm Promotions to design and sell your team shirts. Bonus - 5% of the proceeds from the shirts are donated back to RMHC-UM!

Q. How does Team Fundraising work?

All donations should be credited individually to a registered team or individual. By donating to a race participant (or a team), you are supporting the team the racer is on and, of course, to the event as a whole. All donations to an individual roll up into the team total. 

Q. Are there prizes for fundraising?

YES! We have some amazing prizes available for all of our fundraisers! Check out the Fundraising Prizes page to take a look.

Q. Do I have to complete my fundraising by August 17?

Not at all! Some teams use the RMH Family Walk as the kick-off for their fundraising efforts. Families need support year round, so sharing your connection to RMH is always appreciated! And, yes, funds raised before the end of September 2024 will still count toward the prizes you can earn!

Q. I've been saving pop tabs. Can I turn them in at the event?

Yes! We'll be happy to take them for you, and we appreciate you saving them for us!


Still have questions? Contact Jennifer Argeros